Galatech A.S.


Galatek focuses on producing machines and equipment to European quality standards and supplying complete plants, painting facilities and production lines for surface treatments to a wide range of clients, particularly medium to large sized firms

Spray Vision S.r.o.


SprayVision is company focused on spray pattern digitalization, analysis, evaluation, process control and non contact thickness measurement.

Eptacoat S.r.l.


EPTACOAT is a complete supplier of high-value innovative solutions in surface coating technology, developed for a variety of industries and sectors. Our brands Raiver and Marinline offer a fully integrated system, from specific raw materials identification and sourcing to research and development and products manufacture.

NS Coating Technologies S.r.o.


NS coating technologies s.r.o. is a worldwide company that trades machines for spray painting and powder painting

Latro Kimya A.S.


NS coating technologies s.r.o. is a worldwide company that trades machines for spray painting and powder painting

Ekol s.r.o.


EKOL s.r.o. has a leading position on the Czech and Slovak markets. We successfully delivered projects for international partners in the automotive industry. we offer comprehensive solutions for surface treatment technologies in the form of "turnkey" deliveries. All our projected facilities are designed according to the specific, individual customer needs, while respecting the requirements of the economical operation and the ecological aspects.

Kovolak s.r.o.


The subject of our work is the realization of complex supplies of surface treatment centers.

Impianti Per Verniciatura Cancellier Dino S.R.L.


Datel Ledeč s.r.o.


The company DATEL Ledeč s.r.o. is a supplier of technological sets and equipment for powder paint shops. The effort of the company staff is to offer to the clients complex services including pre-sale service consisting in performing advisory activities in the following sectors: powder paint shop, fluid paint shop, hardening furnaces, spraying techniques, conveyors, drying plants.



KOVOFINIŠ is a Czech company with experience in surface treatment business since 1951. In 2017 KOVOFINIŠ merged with its parent company AQUACOMP HARD under name KOVOFINIŠ. Over the years we have successfully executed projects all over the globe and we have became one of the top surface treatment equipment supplier in Europe. Our main products are surface treatment equipment and industrial waste water treatment plants. Our products are always designed to be eco friendly and to meet costumer's demands.

Penris S.r.l.


Pentris s.r.l. ha sviluppato uno specifico Know-how per l'utilizzo di aria arricchita di azoto nel processo di verniciatura. La tecnologia si adatta ad ogni tipo di processo: pneumatico, elettrostatico e rotary bell sia per verniciatura a liquido che a polvere. L'azoto è prodotto in loco utilizzando come alimentazione la linea dell'aria compressa. L'ottimizzazione del processo avviene tramite una valutazione dei parametri standard di produzione e la riprogrammazione dei settaggi.

La Rivista del Colore


For over 50 years, the Rivista del Colore, the editorial service of the ANVER (Industrial Painters Association), has been present on the market to promote, through specialized magazines, industrial painting products and processes and innovative surface treatments with low environmental impact.

CMA Robotics


CMA ROBOTICS designs, produces and installs a wide range of robots and painting systems. CMA also provides complete solutions from design to integration: in addition to the single anthropomorphic robot or painting system, we can handle the customer integration phase of the painting system at the facility destination.

Epistolio Srl


EPISTOLIO Srl is a reliable firm that, for 20 years, through a careful policy focused on global customer service, precision and timeliness of supplies and competitive prices, has been able to carve out a leading role in the sector of electrical instrumentation and mechanical supplies for the industry in general, and in particular for the plastics and rubber industry.

Euromask Srl


Finishing Group Srl produces and distributes worlwide with its own brand Euromask® professional masking systems for every surface treatment: powder and liquid coating, e-coating, plating, galvanic treatments, anodizing, nickel plating, zinc-coating, etc.

ICR S.p.a.


Established in 1961 in Reggio Emilia and distinguished immediately on national level by the production of Putty and Glue for Marbe and Stone, market fields where it has reached a leading position with the brand Sprint sold in all over the globe. On the strength of these successes, ICR had by the 1990s already embarked on a diversification strategy by developing product lines in synergistic fields: Industrial Paints, Fiber-based Putties for fiberglass marine yachts and a complementary line of Hand Cleaner. Today ICR counts up to a hundred and forty employees and sixty sales agents, has a stake in a subsidiary business in Spain, and a licensee in Lebanon for the Middle East market. ICR is present in over seventy countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America.



Wastewater is a precious resource: It can be reused as clean process water. And it is an important source for recovering valuable by-products. Whatever your wastewater requirements are - our innovative systems offer you highly economical solutions for customized wastewater treatment. All our KMU LOFT Cleanwater (KLC) wastewater treatment plants use our proven, patented KMU LOFT Cleanwater (KLC) vacuum evaporator technology. Your benefit: An economical and almost wastewater-free cycle. From initial analysis and planning to installation and commissioning, our industry experts, engineers and chemists are here to help you every step of the way. Our expertise is the cornerstone of our success: Over 2,200 KMU LOFT systems "Made in Germany" clean wastewater in leading industrial companies all around the world.

Trasmetal Spa


Established in 1953 and now among the industry leaders, Trasmetal achieved thousends of pre-treatment, coating, drying and glazing plants worldwide, thanks to a know-how and experience in the design and construction of "turnkey" plants. The competence of Trasmetal in the field of surface finishing ranges from immersion painting plants to electrophoresis and autophoresis that can be completed with the application of liquid or powder paints, sprayed with discs OFB (patent Trasmetal) or with guns. The experience on painting plants is also linked with the technology relating to ceramic glazes, pre-treatment, application and melting furnaces.

Ibix Srl


IBIX is a young, dynamic company,but nevertheless experienced and imbued with a marked business spirit and a remarkable customer-oriented approach that offers top quality products and services. Our company bases its entrepreneurial activities on three main pillars: a solid reputation, reliability, and ability to provide dedicated solutions.