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Attract interest in your product - connect in real time with clients and potential clients

Virtual halls

Meet your visitors at the exhibition!
Choose the best position for your stand in one of our Halls. Take a look at the virtual layout of the stands and book your virtual booth now!

You might want to go for a standard booth, an advanced one having more visibility or a premium booth right at the entrance, having availability of a different number of slots to interact with your visitors.

Visitors will enter the Virtual Halls depending on their interests being able to preview the catalogue online and choose who they would like to visit or they will guide themselves through the trade fair based on invitations they received, or they can just enter the trade fair randomly and have a look around.

Virtual halls

virtual stands

Choose your flexible virtual space to be customised for your exhibition.
You can select between the range of 10 different templates to set-up your 3D virtual stand which will be provided with: 3D spaces for your company's logos, presentation videos, product photos, brochures and other marketing material. Exhibitors can fully showcase their products with rich content formats and allow attendees to access and explore worldwide these offerings in the confort of their offices or homes through chat forums, individual chats, call or video call meetings.

virtual stands

Live meetings

Open the gates to free-flowing two way communication with your attendees at the exhibition trade fair through presentations and live chats, speak to your visitors one to one through text chat, audio or video meetings inside your virtual stand. Just like a real trade fair!
Exhibitors can further leverage the live chat and video streaming facility to deliver customised product information to prospective leads.

Thanks to the live meetings you will have the chance to show the visitors your brochures, your product photos, to make an introductive recorded video of your product and business. But most of all you will have unlimited slots to ensure you and your sales personnel the possibility to live chat or video-call your visitors introducing your business/product and discuss services, possibile or future collaboration and, in general, create a new net of working opportunities.

Live meetings

Conference room

A conference 3D room will be available for Ted Talks and introductions for you and your business. You can sign up for a presentation of your products/business by booking an advanced (10 min) or a premium (15 min) booth. There will be an agenda and visitors will be able to attend and have a direct link to your booth where you will have the chance to expand topics.

Get the chance to engage more attendees and have a bigger audience signing up for the webinars and presentations in the Conference Hall.
The agenda will be uploaded to this website according to the topics discussed which will be divided in the following sections:
  • Technologies for liquid painting and powder coating
  • Application technologies
  • Test technology and quality assurance
  • Research

Conference room

Take a preview!

Customised stand to attract your visitors

Choose between our templates and upload logo, videos, brochure to showcase your products

EXHIBITion range

  • Wet paints and powder coatings;
  • Technologies for liquid painting and powder coating (automation and conveyor technology, compressed air technology, cleaning and pre-treatment, drying and curing);
  • Application technologies for liquid painting and powder coating (spray guns, covering materials and systems, hangers, filters, pumps);
  • Measuring and test technology, quality assurance;
  • Research.

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